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"With 4.5 stars out of 188 reviews on Yelp, Crust has proven to be a local favorite." (Hoodline, 6.19.18) 


"Eaten cold or warmed, this pizza tastes awesome." (Beard & The Broad, 6.13.18) 


"Crust would not be out of place in Chicago or NYC. Pizza is amazing and the subs are great." (Foursquare's "15 Best Places for Pizza in Cleveland," 8.17.18)


"As good as the pizza is, I really like their subs. Like the pizza, the subs are also quite substantial . . . The meats were delicious and fresh, and I just really enjoyed every bite." (Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Eats, 8.15.17)


"Creative pies and truly giant slices." (Thrillist's "The Best Pizza Joints in Cleveland Right Now," 10.13.17)


""Crust, which has two Cleveland locations, may look like your standard slice joint, but it’s anything but. The care put into these pizzas starts with the dough, which is handmade every day and allowed to slowly ferment and rise, and everything is made from scratch daily." (The Daily Meal's "101 Best Pizzas in America for 2017")


"The house-made, hand-tossed crusts have a modest rise, a pleasant chew and a delightfully crispy base from the deck ovens . . . toppings are fresh and combinations contemporary . . ." (Scene, 1.24.18) 


". . . people love Crust thanks to its large portions, delicious food, and overall great ambiance." (Cleveland Leader, 1.25.18)


"With dough made every morning in-house, the resulting [thicker, hand-tossed] pizza has a full-flavored, lovingly raised crust baked in a good old-fashioned deck oven. Crisp and golden brown, with an excellent chewy interior, it would be good all by itself, the ultimate test for a superlative pizza." (Plain Dealer, 2.2.18)



Crust began in 2012 with a small shop on Kenilworth Avenue in Tremont where it became known as a quick pick-up lunch spot and for its “monster slices” that actually weigh in around 1.5 lbs.

Owner Michael Griffin spent a lot of time with his maternal grandparents, Tootsie and Rocco Robilotta. He always liked the sights and sounds of kitchens, and the aromas of a traditional Italian deli like Deanatella’s in Valley View, which was near his childhood home. Surrounded by good, home-cooked Italian food, he had early aspirations to own his own place.  “In my high school yearbook I said my goal was to open an Italian restaurant.”

In 2015, a lunch-only location was added at 3000 St. Clair Avenue in Midtown. This location is also the main catering kitchen and bakery where the dough, breads, pastas and tomato sauces are made from scratch. 

In 2017, Crust Tremont expanded into its current spot, a meticulously renovated historic building at 2258 Professor Avenue that it shares with Visible Voice Books and Proof BBQ.

Over time, Crust expanded beyond pizza to include Italian specialties like pastas, arancini with marinara, sub sandwiches and burgers. Specialty pizzas include a Greek spanakopita (feta, spinach, garlic) and roasted eggplant (smoked mozzarella, red peppers, balsamic reduction)Griffin is currently exploring a third Crust location to open in 2023.  

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